Financially Healthy ka ba?

9:29 PM

Is your cash flow healthy?
Cash flow simply means money that comes in and out of your pocket. And just like how important for us to know where we are heading when we travel, we should also be aware whether we are living a healthy financial life or are we set for a disaster.
Financial independence starts with having our own income. This is the time, hopefully, when we don't have to wait for our parents to give us allowance because we can already generate our own money.
At ano nga ba ang pinakamadaling gawin sa pera? Tama! Gastusin!
We are all born spenders. It is never ending and it's just the way it is. We need to spend and we want to spend!
But what are the things that we spend on?
We can classify our expenses into two things. Expenses about life and expenses about lifestyle.
We all know that we need to eat. We need shelter. We need clothes and all the things in order for us to survive. These are expenses about life, our basic needs, a relative comfort. We can also call them as non-discretionary expenses. There's no choice but to spend on them.
And if we spend money for life, we also spend money for lifestyle! These are expenses that we all want to exhaust our income. These things give us the feeling gratification. A level of comfort that we want to set for ourselves. And since these things can be delayed or we even have the choice to spend on them or not, we can call them as discretionary expenses.
It is very easy to know where the money is coming from but almost impossible to know where it went. It would have been better if whenever we wake up in the morning, there's a pot of gold beside our bed. But that's not the case and will never be.
Sit down. It's time for you to reflect and be aware of your cash flow. First write down your income then the things that you spent on.
With the amount of income you receive and the level of your expenses, is your cash flow healthy? What's left after spending? Is your financial health depreciating or already compromised?

Visit this link on how to start having a healthy cash flow. Kaya mo bang mag ipon? Yes kaya mo!

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